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Best Beehive

Beekeeping is very interesting and rewarding. Knowing the most suitable Beehive for beekeeping can make the experience more exciting. Bees are insects originally dwell in a natural habitat. For this reason, when you're creating a home for them, it is important to note that they should not be entirely separated from the environment they are used to. It is our responsibility to give them a warm, dry and spacious environment that will be comfortable for the bees and easy for us to manage, by choosing the best Beehive.

In the best beehives, honey bees operate in colonies which comprises a queen, about 80,000 workers and hundreds of drones. While drones and the workers do all the work, the queen lays all the eggs, producing up to 2,000 eggs in a day. The queen's lifespan is about three to five years. She spends this time laying up eggs right from an early age.

Though the worker bees are female, they do not lay eggs. Instead, they defend the colony, by tending to the queen and the drones; feeding the larvae and making the colony . As useful as they are, their lifespan is short because they don't last longer than two months. The drones do not have as much a task as the worker; their major duty is to fertilize new queens, their lifespan is short because they die after mating.

Best Beehive

What Is A Beehive?

A beehive is a home for the bees. It can be made by humans in a boxed shaped form to house bees. Honey bees can inhabit this house and raise their young. They normally contain cells where the bees can keep their food and store their eggs, larvae, and pupae. Honey bees can also make hives in trees hollows, and rocks. During the winter, honeybees cannot go outdoors to look for food. Because of this, they make hives to store up food that can last for the winter. The bee colony is about the bees and their performances but the hive refers to the structure of the colony, and there are several parts that make up a complete beehive.

Parts Of A Beehive

Beehive Stand

Best Beehive

The hive stand is the base part of the hive that has the flour. It helps to keep the hive off the ground and allows ventilation. It keeps the hive above the grass and allows free movement for the bees, a better way to improve your stand is by supporting it with something solid to prevent the hive from bending when an inspection is going in the beehive.

Best Beehive

Hive Bottom Board

The bottom board is the base floor of the beehive. It is a frame around a piece of wood to keep the bee colony from getting damp. This board comes in different types: the screened bottom board, and the standard bottom board. The screen board has a screen on it with another detachable sticky board. Beekeepers use this sticky board for hive mites count. This is the process during which keepers inspect drones for mites. Any bee infected with mites can be a hazard so, so the inspector removes any drone infected with mites from the colony. 

This board is also useful for pest management, creating ventilation in the hive and monitoring the population of mites. This why more beekeepers use the screened bottom board. The standard bottom board is solid, have been in use for a long time but beekeepers prefer the screened board.

Best Beehive

Hive Entrance Reducer

This is a small piece of wood fitted in between the boards and the super to control ventilation and slow down bee movement to the hive. It also has a small notch that reduces the entrance size of the hive and a bigger notch which can open the entrance of the hive. This protects the hive from attacks from small rodents, like rats. In the absence of an entrance reducer in a beehive, someone can use grass to cover up the part of the entrance.

Best Beehive

Honey Super

This is a large box used by beekeepers to collect surplus honey. It can be shallow or medium in depth. The shallow depth is over five inches and the medium over six inches. Each super has a different weight from the other. Some beekeepers prefer the medium box because it contains more honey, and it is light to carry, weighing only about fifty to fifty-five pounds when fully packed. The shallow super is lighter; it weighs about thirty-five to forty pounds when fully packed, so you can choose anyone depends on the quality of the honey you produce.

Best Beehive

Honey Super Frame

These are provision made in the form of frames for the bee to build their honeycomb. Some of these frames are removable, which allows easy management and inspection of the colony. These frames come in three sizes. The deep size, shallow size, and the medium size,  are constructed to fit the honey supers.  Choose a frame that matches the honey super you are using. If you use a medium super for honey, you will need to 10 medium frames per box. If you use shallow supers for honey, you will need 10 shallow frames per box.

Best Beehive

Inner Cover

It is a shallow tray with holes for covering the front of the hive super as a source of ventilation. For the best position, place the inner cover on the hive, allowing the tray to face up. It also comes in a square or round shape with two holes; one for the entrance. The other hole is in the middle. However, there are alternatives to this inner cover. The screened inner covers are more widely used than the normal ones. Another alternative is the hive top feeder. Beekeepers often use them in place of the inner covers.

​Outer Cover

Every hive should have an outer covering like a roof to protect it from outside elements. This cover can be in form of a waterproof material that can protect the wood from the weather. There are two types of outer cover the telescoping outer cover which fits over the inner cover and the shallow outer cover that is metallic and water resistant.

Who Needs Beehive and Why?

The need for beehives is huge. They are needed both for commercial and private use. As a beekeeper, you will desire to create a conducive environment where you can raise the bees to produce honey. This is why it's important to pick the best beehive. Although the bees can easily adapt to a different environment, it is very important to house them properly. These are the reasons you need a beehive.

  • 1
    It provides a place where the bees can breed and store
  • 2
    It protects the bees from the elements
  • 3
    It provides a flow of ventilation
  • 4
    It provides warmth for the bees during the winter when they cannot move out
  • 5
    They protect the bees from too much sun
  • 6
    It keeps the bees and their honey away from the robbers

What Is The Best Beehive?

There are many types of beehives, but the best beehive is the Langstroth Hive. It is portable with a removable frame and a high honey yield. This hive is the best choice for commercial beekeepers. It has a foundation suitable for industrial standard, with different accessories.

There are three sections: the boxes, lower and upper section. The boxes are the housing for all the honey, the pollen, propolis and the bees. 

The lower section is the base which has the bottom board that allows the bees to move in and out. The upper section is the top of the hive with an inner cover on top as a roof to the whole hive. The design of this hive allows the addition of space which is very beneficial for commercial uses. It generates segregation of the colony separating the honey from the brood for development. When using this hive, it is possible not to lose much wax during production. Some honeycombs can last from season to season with none replacement.

Final Thoughts

The Langstroth Hive is the best beehive because compared to other hives. It lasts longer, and it is made of pine wood, a very durable and effective material. Painting it will increase its durability and enhance its resistance to the elements. This hive is cost effective and easy to handle, a beekeeper can easily extend the hive by adding space. This makes it possible for the Langstroth to generate the highest honey yield, which is what sparks the interest of the beekeepers to go for it.

If you are planning to produce your own honey, whether for personal consumption or for a commercial purpose, you need a beehive-not just any hive, but the best beehive. But before you spend your hard earned money buying a beehive, it is important that you take a study so you can understand what a beehive is. Do your research to learn to enable you to make the right choice. Refer back to this article when it's time to choose!


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