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Honey bees live in self-manufactured, waxy combs that make up an entire hive. These hives serve as homes and repositories for their food supply (honey, nectar, and pollen) and eggs laid by their queen to produce the next generation of bees. The answer of how bees make wax was once a mystery until science unlocked the mechanics behind the process, revealing an alchemical transformation. This beneficial beeswax is used by bees, other animals, and humans as a food source, a financial tool, and in households and businesses around the world.

What Is Beeswax?


Beeswax is a complex substance bees secrete to manufacture and repair combs. These waxy combs are a series of interlocking hexagonal shaped tubes composed of fatty acids, hydrocarbons, and proteins.

How Bees Make Beeswax?

Bees Make Beeswax

The process of how bees make wax is complex and depends on many factors. In a bee colony, there are three types of bees:  the queen, the worker, and the drone. The queen mates and lays eggs. Drones are male bees whose sole function is to breed with the queen.

Finally, worker bees are sterile females who do everything, including taking care of and feeding the young, the queen, and the drones; producing wax to create and maintain the hive; cleaning the hive; gathering nectar and pollen; making honey and guarding the nest against enemies. Only young worker bees have wax glands. The oldest worker bees and the queen bee do not have wax glands.

Factors Necessary for Wax Production

Wax Gland Producing Stage

Nectar Gathering and Honey Conversion Stage

The Production of Wax

Temperature Necessary to Work Wax

The End Cycle of Wax Production

How is Beeswax Used?


Beeswax is used by bees, humans, and other creatures in many ways.

How Bees Use Beeswax

How Humans Use Beeswax

Benefits to the Skin

The following are Some of the Most Powerful Benefits of Beeswax:

Beeswax as a Food Product or Ingredient

Household Uses for Beeswax

Industrial Manufacturing Uses

Beeswax Used by Other Animals


The process of how bees make wax is complex, intensive, and time-consuming. But this natural and powerful product has benefited bees, animals, and humans for thousands of years. It is important to ensure the health and well-being of bees by planting flowers and plants they feed on, monitoring the kinds of toxic chemicals used in their environments, and educating people about the tremendous impact they have upon the planet. Their work of collecting nectar and pollen ensures the survival of various plant species and feeds generations of humans, animals, and other insects.

Bees are amazing, diligent, and tireless creatures. Thanks to their two great products, honey, and beeswax, billions of Earth's inhabitants can enjoy their products as a food source and financial resource to better their lives.


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