Sting Proof Bee Suit Review And More

Beekeeper wearing Sting Proof Bee Suit

Whether you are a beginner in dealing with bees, or have years of experience under your belt, there is no denial for the need for a quality bee keeping suit. There are a lot of options out there for you. However, they are not all created equally. When looking at a sting proof bee suit, there are a few things to consider. First, is the protection that it offers you. Will it allow for bees to sting you when they are present? Some suits can answer this in the affirmative. They are nearly sting proof.

The next thing to consider is whether the suit is comfortable to wear, especially in the heat or sun. And there are also plenty of suits out there that can say comfort is key. However, it is unlikely that many who qualify for your first requirement will also qualify your second one. Most companies that make a sting proof suit, sacrifice in the comfort department to get there. And most that are comfortable, are so thin that a bee sting has no problem reaching your vulnerable skin. There is one we have found that seem to fit both requirements nicely though. It is lightweight and breathable, but also protects effectively against the dangers of keeping, or interacting with bees. 

suit with veil

This suit has a unique design that offers unmatched protection from bees, wasps and many stinging and biting insects. To do this they didn't come up with a heavy tightly woven fabric or material to ensure that nothing gets through. In fact they put together a mix of some of the most breathable and lightweight materials on the planet to ensure your confidence and comfort.  

Ultra Breeze created a revolutionary suit that allows your skin and body to breathe, and is light, but also prevents the bees from getting to you. It is made of three unique mesh layers to create a space between the air that the bees inhabit, and your skin that is too deep, for the bees sting to penetrate through. Getting stung is impossible, unless you have a hole in the suit, or the zipper is not completely connected. The mesh layers also create a material that the stingers do not get stuck in, even if they tried to sting you. This allows your bees to live longer since it does not remove the stinger from them upon trying to harm you. The suit might be thicker compared to some, but it is one of the most lightweight available on the market.

With other suits, it is often found that if they are lightweight and breathable, that it is necessary to wear thicker layers underneath. Not so with this suit. In fact, many who wear the Ultra Breeze wear shorts, and a tank top under the suit. It is thick enough that the bees just can't get to you. It also ensures that you don't reach heat exhaustion or the like, from being out in the sun in heavy and unrelenting clothing. However, this means that in the winter months, you may have to bundle up more if you live in a colder climate.  This sting-proof bee suit has it all, from lots of pockets, to a removable, ventilated hood, and long two way zippers for easy use.

Product Specs


The Ultra Breeze is made of three different layers of a mesh like material. The outside layer is fine mesh that while being breathable, is very difficult for anything but air or water, to get through. The second and middle layer has holes that are much larger and the material is much thicker, almost like a thin rubberized foam. This adds a lot of thickness to the overall suit, while allowing for even more breathability. The last layer that is closest to your skin, is a mesh that is between the two previous one,s in both thickness and mesh size.

While the holes are smaller than the middle material, they are larger than those of the outer layer. These layers together make the suit rather thick. And it is this thickness that makes it a sting-proof bee suit. The bees' stingers are just not long enough to penetrate through all three layers and into your skin. The cuffs on both the ankles and wrists are elastic for an easy fit. And the wrist cuffs also include an adjustable Velcro band to keep your sleeves even more secure. There are zippers on both sides that run the full length of the legs. This allows you to step easily into the suit, even with your boots still on.

There are pockets to house your tools, and all of these are made of the same fine breathable mesh that is on the outside of the suit, except for the hive tool pocket. The hood mimics the fencing style that allows for some side vision, and keeps the mask well off of your face and neck. The back of the hood is made of the three layers of mesh to make your head and neck comfortable, regardless of what the weather is like. The hood is completely removable via a sturdy zipper that makes washing it a breeze. The suit itself is machine washable, however, it recommended that you hand wash the hood, due to its design, as you would with most hoods. It also comes in a variety of sizes that fit well and will be acceptable for anyone.

how it compares


We picked several similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit With Veil

suit with veil


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • It is cool and light to wear.
  • The three layers of mesh material protect against bee stings.


  • The mesh on the face mask is very fine which makes it hard to see through.
  • Fencing style hood makes peripheral vision difficult.
  • Expensive.

round hood veil

This bee keeping suit is labeled as one of the best on the market.  It is made of a 60/40 cotton and polyester blend that is tightly woven. The tight weave makes getting stung more difficult but not impossible. However, the material makes the suit light and fairly breathable.

There are durable ankle and body zippers made of a plastic material. The ankle zippers are covered with velcro to allow for more protection against the bees, however, the front zipper does not have this. It has elastic ankle and wrist cuffs as well and these fit tightly to prevent bees from getting into your suit. The rounded style veil is very popular and makes it easy to see most anything out of. There is only one pocket located on the front chest of the suit.

We found that while this suit is lightweight; it doesn't seem to give the confidence in not getting stung as some others do. For those that have a bit more experience it might not be a bad choice plus it is very affordable.


  • Very well-rounded veil offers a good line of sight in all directions.
  • Tightly woven fabric prevents bees from stinging through the suit.
  • Zippered ankles and elastic wrists allow for easy wear and removal.


  • Little amount of pockets to store tools in.
  • Fabric is only one layer making stings more likely.

round hood veil

The BeeKool is just what its name implies. It is made from three thin layers to create protection that it is nearly complete. Two nylon layers surround a waffle like layer that maximizes distance from a sting and breathability. Together these layers are heavier than a similar suit in cotton but they make it much more ventilated.

This sting proof bee suit has thumb loops to help hold the suit close to your skin and not allowing bees to enter into the arms. The elastic cuffs on both the wrists and ankles help with this too. There are quite a few pockets to aid in carrying your tools and to leave your hands free. Durable zippers make it easier to use the flap that covers the front zipper adds even more protection from the bees. It comes in a variety of sizes but it is important to note that they tend to run small. Most people need to purchase one that is a size larger than they might get elsewhere.


  • Made of three layers for added protection.
  • Easy to use thumb loop for added protection.
  • Plenty of pockets for ease of carrying tools.


  • Nylon layers are heavier than cotton.
  • Fits a bit small, have to order a size larger than normal.

deluxe suit

This beekeeping suit is created from 100% cotton and is therefore, super breathable. This material is also made to last for wear after wear. It also ensures that you can wash this suit in the washing machine. It is durable. It even has reinforced knee pads to allow for comfort and lasting wearability in all circumstances.

This nearly sting proof bee suit fits everyone well without having to change from their normal size choice. The suit has elastic straps that fit under your boots for extra support and both the ankles and wrists are elastic. This makes unwanted bee entrance into the arms or legs nearly impossible and also ensures that getting the suit on and off is much easier.

For even more ease of use the suit is equipped with a long durable YKK zipper on the body and smaller zippers on both ankles. There are a total of eight closing pockets on the suit, with easy accessible ones near the hips and above the knees. This makes lugging around your tools a breeze and ensures that you have a free hand to carry whatever the bees require of you. There are five colors available. The suit is also covered by full replacement warranty if anything were to happen that damages it.


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Light and breathable.
  • Has eight pockets for storage.


  • Made of a single layer cotton.
  • Thicker than those that are made of mesh alone.

Which Sting Proof Bee Suit is Best?

suit is the best?

After seeing what a few other suits have to offer in comparison, we have chosen the Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit as the best for overall quality and design. This suit has the protection you need with all the comfort you could want. It is also easy to get on and off, without hobbling around on one foot or without shoes. The pockets are handy and the removability of the hood is an added benefit that few others can offer. It might be a bit pricier than the others but we really think it is worth it to be comfortable while handling bees. The comfort of this suit and the added measure of confidence it will give you makes all the difference.

Bees seem to sense fear. If you are fearful of an attack and that your suit will not offer the amount of protection needed, the bees will feed off of that. However, if you have confidence in yourself you will succeed at whatever you do, bees or no bees. No matter what your experience with bees, we recommend that you at least check this sting proof bee suit out. It's worth at least that.


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