Swarm Traps Beekeeping Review And More

Bees are known all over as the world's best pollinators. Without their pollination, there cannot be food and plant production. Bees feed on the nectar from flowers and carry pollen to the hives to prepare bee products such as honey and beeswax, and also to feed their young. While searching for these food essentials, bees transfer the pollen from flower to flower. This results in cross-pollination, and is essential for fruit and seed formation.

Recent studies show that the production of 90 commercially grown crops in North America are reliant upon bees to pollinate them. The worth of their efforts in recent years has been estimated at around 15 billion dollars in the United States alone each year. This proves that these pollinators play a major role in food production and boost to the economy of the nation. Without their efforts, products such as watermelon, tomatoes, almonds, coffee, and chocolate would all cease to exist.

Along with those crops would be the extinction of many other plants not grown commercially. Scientists around the globe have named bees a keystone species in every ecosystem in which they inhabit. If they leave, then so does all plants and soon to follow, the wildlife as well. Suffice it to say that without bees and their constant pollination efforts, the human race would be in dire straights. However, at times, bees can be a serious nuisance. Although most bees are fairly docile, they can sometimes become aggressive if threatened.

When they feel that they themselves, or their queen and young are in danger, they are likely to swarm and pose a threat to those around. Bee stings are painful that can cause local allergic reactions such as redness and swelling. In extreme cases, it can be fatal. This becomes increasingly dangerous when bees decide to build their hives on high-rise buildings, crevices in or around your home, or near businesses. And since they are such a critical part of our world, it is not recommended that we try to eradicate them. Instead, we suggest the use of a swarm trap.

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What is a Swarm Trap?

Swarm traps are used widely by farmers and beekeepers alike for attracting bees for new colonies and hives of their own. Every beekeeper would prefer to start with bees that are healthy, productive, and resilient. Most bees sold today are mass produced under artificial conditions. They are artificially fed and reared, and so, they may not be adapted to local conditions.

They may produce honey, but they are completely dependent on you. Their genetic makeup may not suit your local conditions. As an alternative, you may opt for local bees that are well-suited for local conditions. By using these traps, you can attract local bees that are well adapted for local conditions. Therefore, they will be more productive and more resilient to climate changes and diseases.

These are boxes or containers specifically made to attracts bees. This is why it is also known as a bait hive. These traps then allow professionals to be able to move the entire hive safely into an existing hive container on a more permanent location that is well away from unsuspecting humans. The bees can then go about their business all while producing honey and wax for the beekeeper.

Swarm traps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are also made of varying materials. There are many guides available on how to build your own swarm trap. For example, many people use recycled liter pop or soda bottles, to make swarm traps by cutting the bottle about one-third of the way down. The top piece is flipped and placed upside down on the bottom piece that resembles a funnel.

Both top and bottom pieces are then attached using tape. By placing suitable bait, bees can be attracted into the trap. However, there are certain limitations for such homemade swarm traps. The bees trapped inside will not survive for long and die within a few days if not moved to another location. Death of bees in large numbers affect the ecosystem negatively. Also, the possibility of being stung, is pretty high.

Moving bees can always be risky, but doing so without the proper equipment can be downright dangerous. There are many models of pre-fabricated swarm traps available on the market today. These swarm traps are designed for ease of use, safety for both the bees and the beekeeper, and durability. Before choosing a swarm trap, it is better to go through various models to choose the right one for your needs.

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Fenteer Bee-Cage to Catch Wild Bees

Overview of the Product:

If you are looking for affordable swarm traps for catching wild bees, the Fenteer Bee-Cage can be an ideal choice. This is an affordable, quality bee trapping equipment for beekeepers. Fenteer Bee-Cage is made up of a high-quality cloth material for durability. While trapped, the soft cloth material prevents any injury to the bees.

Also, its tiered design protects from bee stings and gives the bees space to move and be moved with being harmed. You can tighten the mouth of the cage securely for additional protection and to keep the bees from escaping. It also has an attached loop at the top for you to attach a pole to in order to lift the swarm trap and hive of bees safely to a higher tree branch or bush.

Product Specifications:

Fenteer Bee-Cage is an ideal bee swarm trap. The quality denim material prevents any harm to the bees while trapped. The mouth of the trap can be tightened to keep bees safe and secure. It has two tiers for maximum space for the bees. The height is approximately 40 cm or 15.75 in, and the diameter is about 36 cm or 14.17". When you order, the package comes with 1 piece Bee-Cage.

How it Compares

We picked a few similar swarm traps available in the market to see how they compare.

Ease of Use

​Assembly Time

​Design Quality

Warranty - As per applicable return policy of the seller


  • Light-weight
  • The soft denim material prevents any injury to the bees
  • Affordable price


  • The cloth may wear and form perforations. Bees may escape through perforations.
  • Since the trap is light-weight, the may keep swaying by wind force.

The Walfront Black Bee cage Swarm Trap is another option for beekeepers. It is made up of an eco-friendly, high-quality material that is waterproof and windproof. The trap is durable and is ideal for outdoor use. The soft loop on top can be attached to a pole for lifting up to a tree branch for positioning. Three layers of steel wire prevent the bees from escaping as well.

This swarm trap is made of leather, cloth, and steel, all of which adds to its durability. After capturing the swarm, the bottom of the trap can be securely tied up and closed. The top section is 18.5 cm or 7.28". The middle section is 27 cm or 10.63". It has a diameter of 33 cm or 13" and a weight of 272 grams when it is empty.

Ease of Use

​Assembly Time

​Design Quality

Warranty: As per applicable return policy of seller


  • Durable
  • Soft loop on top helps to attach to a pole for lifting at the desired height to a tree branch.
  • Eco-Friendly material is used.


  • Slightly pricey
  • The soft loop may need replacement in the long run.

Forsun Black Denim Wild Bee catcher trap is one of the most ideal swam traps available on the market. It is a bee trap that is worth the money. Although relatively inexpensive, it is superior to some cheaper models of swarm traps. The 100% black denim is made to be durable and long-lasting. It has a length of 15 inches, a top diameter of 7", and a bottom diameter of 13", with two tiers.

The trap weighs around 200 grams when empty. The soft loop on top helps to attach a pole when you need to raise it to a tree branch or something similar for positioning. You can also tie the bottom mouth as well when the swarm of bees is captured. This keeps them from escaping and keeps you from getting stung.

Ease of Use

​Assembly Time

​Design Quality

Warranty: 60 day returns offered by the seller.


  • High-quality denim material used
  • The loop on top helps to lift the trap with a pole to any tree branch for positioning.
  • Bottom can be tied securely once the bees are captured.


  • Price is high compared to others with similar features.
  • The denim may wear out due to constant use.
  • The soft loop may need replacement after prolonged use.

Sleeri Bee Cage Catching Bag


Image Source: Ebay

The Sleeri Bee-Cage Catching bag is readily available on the market. Its design is ideal for trapping bees without harming them. The cloth material is soft that ensures the safety of bees. It also makes this beekeeping accessory light-weight and portable. This bee trap features a soft loop on top. This helps to attach the trap to a pole for raising the cage from ground level to position it on a tree branch.

It has a soft drawstring to tighten the mouth once the bees are trapped. In order to prevent bees from escaping, this bee trap is designed with three layers of steel wire. Sleeri Bee-cage measures 40 cm or 16.15" overall in height. The top layer has a diameter of 18 cm or 7.09". The middle layer has a diameter of 28 cm or 11.02". The bottom layer has a diameter of 33 cm or 12.99". However, this model of swarm trap could not be found online or in stores any longer. This leads us to believe that it is no longer in production.

Ease of Use

​Assembly Time

​Design Quality

Warranty: No warranties found


  • Durable cloth material
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Drawstring helps to tie the cage securely after trapping bees


  • The cloth material may wear out due to constant exposure
  • The soft loop on top may need replacement after prolonged use.

In Conclusion

After reviewing these products, we can safely and sincerely give the Fenteer Bee Cage to Catch Wild Bees a 4 out of five stars. It a useful product made of quality materials and is readily usable and easy to do so. All of these products are so similar that it is difficult to choose just which one to use without actually putting it into action with the bees. They are made of durable fabrics that last for use after use.

This same material is also very good for the bees, in that it is soft and thick. This acts as a cushion as they are being moved from one place to another and also makes sure that bumps are light and not easily felt within the hive. This fabric also protects you as the beekeeper or person moving the bees from getting stung in the process, although it does help if you wear other protective gear such as a bee suit.

However, if we look at the price of the swarm traps we have reviewed, we can see that this one, the Fenteer is designed almost exactly in the same way and yet is also cheaper in price. This makes it the best deal all around. We would recommend that you at least check it out if you are in the market for a good swarm or bait trap. It might be the perfect fit for you and your needs.


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