Where To Buy Honeybees – Choose The Right Supplier For you

where to buy honeybees

Where do you buy honeybees? It’s a question you wouldn’t often ask unless you happened to be in the market for a hive.

As the beekeeping movement grows, more and more people ask themselves this question.

You buy bees from bee suppliers located around the United States. A quick search online will pull up some of the sellers located in your area.

Keep reading to learn where to buy honeybees.

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Buy Local

Although most significant suppliers operate out of south-eastern states, we recommend buying honeybees from a supplier near you, either in your city, county or state.

Buying local supports local businesses, but it also cuts down on transport. It is possible to order honeybees online, but bees that spend less time in a transport container adjust to their new hive easier and over a shorter timeline.

Before buying, make sure your local seller has a good reputation. The best place to start is with other local beekeepers. Get in touch through message boards or going to a meeting. Online reviews also provide a good indication of the quality of the seller.

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When to Buy Bees

Your local suppliers will likely start taking orders for bees as autumn rolls around.

You’ll likely replenish your bee stock around this time every year to replace the workers who didn’t survive the winter.

Resources to Check Out

The American Beekeeping Federation is an excellent resource for new and established beekeepers alike. They offer a wealth of educational opportunities to help you start and nurture your new bee colony.

The national organization also connects beekeepers to state and local chapters.

Working with a local chapter is a good idea because you’ll get to know beekeepers near you and meet with them regularly. They’ll clue you in on good suppliers and common issues affecting beekeepers in the area.

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Should I Capture My Own Bees?

If you wanted to choose a hyperlocal option, you might capture your own bees.

Only established beekeepers with years of experience see much success with this route. The option is dangerous as well as difficult and raising a wild-caught bee colony differs from buying an established colony.

Established colonies work well for new beekeepers because an experienced person already laid the groundwork. The bees you buy will already be on their way to surviving and thriving. Buying an established colony means you will inherit their hard work and your colony will already have workers and honey.

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Remember to Prepare

However you choose to buy bees, be sure you engage in plenty of education to increase your chances of raising a happy, healthy colony once your order arrives.

Preparation is the key to surviving as a first-time beekeeper. Click here for more resources to read before you order bees.


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